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The Kooroomba Vision

Kooroomba has been created as a unique tourist destination, nestled in the Fassifern Valley at Mt Alford near Boonah, about 60 minutes from Brisbane and 1hr 30 minutes from the Gold Coast.

The property consists of a cellar door, restaurant and lavender shop which overlooks a six hectare vineyard and a breathtaking lavender fields, with magnificent views of the Scenic Rim mountains. Kooroomba Vineyard and Lavender Farm provides a southern France experience on the doorstep of Brisbane and is the perfect setting for a relaxing day away.

The award winning cellar door/restaurant complex is of a 5 star level and is a blend of rustic and contemporary architecture.
Our selection of wines, along with the Modern Australian cuisine served in the restaurant from local produce, provides a unique regional wine and food experience. Kooroomba has a large variety of wines including Chardonnay, Shiraz, Cabernet, Sauvignon Blanc and a Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir. 

The lavender fields have a number of varieties of French and Italian lavender designed to provide flower most of the year.

 Kooroomba is a unique destination right on the door step of Brisbane and the Gold Coast, making it a magical place for visitors to come, see and experience one of the Scenic Rim's most popular tourist attractions.
Where else in Australia can you come to both: a Lavender Farm and Winery while enjoying a beautiful lunch with over spectacular views of the
our lavender fields and the Great Dividing Range?



About our Lavender

Here at Kooroomba we can grow up to six types of Lavender- with our French Lavender ( which flowers nearly all year around) there's always a light scent of Lavender in the air and a guaranteed photo opportunity. We propagate up to 500 plants a week: Kooroomba has the ideal soil type and conditions to grow not only healthy Vines but Lavender. Due to their similar soil condition, the position of the property makes for a perfect match: and both Vines and Lavender compliment each other with the stunning views.

Our Lavender Products

Our Lavender Gift shop is about being from the producer, available directly to the consumer.

We have an exclusive range of Kooroomba Lavender products all manufactured to exacting quality standards and priced to provide excellent value for money.

The Lavender Gift shop also stocks Kooroomba Kitchen products as the ethos is to bring the farm to the plate. We currently sell honey, honey mustard lavender dressing, tomato apple ginger jam and bush tomato, capsicum chutney.

Health Benefits of Lavender

The latin name of lavender is "lavare" which means"to wash" which describes the clean and crisp lavender scent and there are many unique and beneficial uses for this beautiful purple plant. Originally Lavender was used to soothe burns; nowadays its uses a far more widespread. Amongst others, Lavender is a natural anti-inflammatory, its oil can help sculp conditions, help with poor digestion or just as a healthy addition to your meal (have a look at our menu for some Lavender Scones, Lavender Ice Cream and Lavender Tea) and the scent of lavender can even lower your heart rate and blood pressure.

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The Chooks

Meet our girls!

You'll usually find the ladies out on a stroll around Kooroomba, but if not- they might be busy laying eggs for your lunch!

Yes- the eggs on the menu are from our own chooks.

We currently have 7 chickens residing in a cosy mansion behind Kooroomba- just next to our Veggie Garden.

Stop by and say hi next time you're around.

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